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The Bard Early College Academy at UAMA


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Our School Mission

The Urban Assembly School of Music and Art prepares students for college and the world of work. Our program integrates literacy and the arts into all aspects of our instructional program. Students learn to be critical thinkers and creative communicators. Our program capitalizes upon our students' love of the arts and their desire to engage in self-expression.

Music and Arts

The Urban Assembly School of Music and Art offers a large variety of music and arts programming both during and after the school day. This includes songwriting, musical theater, music production, graphic design, and computer science.

Walk through our Building!

Talk a walk through our building and check out some of our classrooms!

Bard Early College Program

An Overview of our program with Dr. Kesi Augustine

Additional Early College Programs

An overview of our Harvard, Howard, and AP Programs,
and student eligibility

Inside our School

A look at our Halls, Field Trips and Messages from Current Students

Additional Programs

Listen in on a conversation with out Community Schools Directors as they discuss After School Programs, and our PGC Program

Messages From Our Students

A Message from a Senior about the Early College Programs at UAMA

A Message from a 9th Grader about the HS Selection Process

Student Performances and Projects

Alexander Hamilton

A Quarantine Performance by our Theater Class

A Bard Final Project

A Graphic Art and Animation Project by TJ

Music Production and Recording

A Final Project by Isaac

To Be Educated

A Spoken Word by Senior Kayla Hamilton

The Impact of Media

An Animation by TJ

You Learn

Our Senior's End of the Year Graduation Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child apply? Is this a screened school?

The Bard Early College Academy @ UAMA is an unscreened NYCDOE school with no entrance exam or audition process. Students only need to put our school on their application list to apply, higher ranking of UAMA on your list will increase your chances of claiming one of our open seats, ranking UAMA first gives you admission priority. UAMA was founded 16 years ago by a group of educators who believe that screened schools often screen out some of the students with the most potential, by remaining unscreened we are able to accept students from diverse backgrounds, including students with IEPs and provide them all access and support to take full advantage of the opportunities we offer to every student.

What is the community like at your school?

The staff and students at UAMA have created and sustained a community of support and understanding. We work together with our students to where they are trying to ensure that student voice is valued and respected. Our community is inclusive and celebrates the diversity of New York City. Student lead mentoring helps to transition first year students and to build a culture of respect. Art, Music, Dance, Fashion, and Poetry help to develop student voices and ensure that students feel heard and free to express themselves for who they are and who they want to be. Staff work to encourage and develop students' communication skills to help them grow and learn to express themselves and see each other.

My child took Regents Exams/received a waiver in 8th grade. What opportunities will they have in 9th grade?

We have a large selection of courses for students including AP classes for students to enroll in. Students who arrive with a transcript confirming the requirements for these classes have been met will be scheduled accordingly. Our Program Coordinator is also available to work with parents to ensure that these materials are all received in an accurate and timely manner to prevent students from needing to repeat any coursework.

Does your school have a dress code/uniform?

We believe that fashion is a component of student voice and expression and welcome it at our school! We do follow the NYCDOE guidelines and dress code, but do not have a specific uniform.

What is the music sequence at your school? Does my child need to know how to read music?

Students do not need to audition or have any pre-requisite knowledge for our music program. While most students will learn the basics of guitar and piano while with us, we honor student voice and student. Our arts classes are often studio size and allow the freedom for the curriculum be designed around students interests and wants.

What is the teaching style at your school?

In addition to highlighting student voice, we focus on literacy skills. Students can expect to read, write, and participate in discussions in all of their classes. We focus on culturally-relevant, real-life content that will help our students to develop their own voice, and continue on their journey of education.