Global Sales Science Institute Conference 2019

Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) Conference 2019

The Sales Ecosystem – Defining and Exploring how Various Levels of Connection and Interaction Affect the Selling Process

June 5th – 8, 2019 in Panama City, Panama

Using the Ecological System (Bronfenbrenner 1979) as a metaphor, there are five systems of interaction and connection that influence and create sales experiences:

Microsystems – The interaction of direct contact or bi-directional relationships (i.e., the interaction between the sales representatives and their customers)

Mesosystems – The interaction between microsystems or multidirectional relationships (i.e., the interaction between the customer and other people in the sales representative’s organization)

Exosystems – This is the indirect connection with individuals and organizations that affect relationships within the microsystem (i.e., the interaction between the customer of your customer)

Macrosystems – The connection with macro-environmental elements that affect sales (i.e., the effects of large institutions on the sales process including government, economy, culture etc.)

Chronosystems – The pattern or the history of interactions over the life course of the relationship (i.e., the effects of relationship history on the sales process)

This conference encourages researchers to develop theory concerning the interaction and connection that occurs at any of these levels. More specifically we are interested in how the level and characteristics of interactions in the “sales ecosystem” transforms buying, creates global business opportunities, affects the adoption and application of technical innovation, facilitates/hampers collaboration between marketing and selling operations within a global organization. Given that Panama is center for global transit and logistics, sales research conducted within the context of 3rd party logistics are highly encouraged.


Topics of Interest



For more information about GSSI Conference, please contact the Conference Co-Chairs.

Dr. Lenita Davis

University of Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Dr. Pia Hautamaki

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, Finland