Project Results

Published Articles

Almond, A., McMahon, R., Janes, D.P., Whistance-Smith, G., Steinhauer, D., and Steinhauer, S. (2018). We are all related: using augmented reality as a learning resource for indigenous-settler relations in Northern Public Affairs 6(2). Retrieved from:

Conference Presentations

Greatrix, A. and Almond, A. (2019). Introduction to digital storytelling: Resources, tips, and tools for learning through the storymaking process. Think Indigenous International Education Conference, Enoch Cree Nation, AB., March 2019.

Almond, A. and McMahon, R. (2018). We are all related: Co-creating augmented reality content with Indigenous storytellers for reconciliation learning. (with Dr. D. P. Janes, Dr. D. Steinhauer, S. Steinhauer and G. Whistance-Smith). 2018 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Canadian Communication Association – CCA), Regina, SK., May-June, 2018

Janes, D.P. (2018). Building Foundations for an AR-supported reconciliation learning project: Curriculum design update. (with Dr. D. Steinhauer, S. Steinhauer, Dr. R. McMahon, and A. Almond). CNIE 2018, Sudbury, ON, May, 2018

Janes, D.P. (2017). Augmented Reality: Reconciliation focused curriculum design. (with Dr. R. McMahon, Dr. F. Fletcher, and Dr. P. Makokis). CNIE 2017, Banff, AB. May, 2017

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Public Presentations