[RG]2 The Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group

The Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group is a dynamic team of HQP from around the globe. Known as [RG]2 ("RG-squared"), the team's research is carried out in our completely integrated GeoInnovation Environments (GIEs), unique research facilities that allow our international team to carry out cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our senior research team also provides reservoir geomechanical expertise in reservoir simulation, reservoir surveillance design and implementation, field services including core preservation and transport, instrumentation design, and experimental programs. You can learn more about our team here.

April 14, 2022

Registration is now open for the Annual [RG]2 Research Symposium

It's time to register for the 2022 Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group Annual Symposium!

This hybrid meeting will take place in Calgary, AB on May 3 and 4, 2022 with options to attend both in-person and remotely. If you plan to attend, please fill out a registration form HERE.

For those attending in person, complete details with venue location and hotel recommendations will be emailed to registered participants the week of April 18.

A calendar invite to join the symposium remotely will be sent to those attending virtually as soon as we have our in-person numbers confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: This year's Symposium is restricted to Members of [RG]2, delegates from our current Sponsors, and Invited Guests ONLY. If you complete a Registration Form and are not eligible to attend you will receive notification that your registration has not been accepted.

March 18, 2022

Dr. Gonzalo Zambrano accepts position as Industrial Professor of Subsurface Energy

Dr. Gonzalo Zambrano Narvaez, a senior member of [RG]2 - the Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group - has accepted a new academic position with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. In his role as Industrial Professor of Subsurface Energy, Dr. Zambrano’s teaching and research align with the University of Alberta’s energy systems initiatives that recognize the increasing use of the subsurface as a solution space for many energy transition scenarios (e.g. H2). In addition to representing a link to other existing energy systems programs across campus, Dr. Zambrano will lead the development of a focused MSc graduate program in subsurface energy.

Dr. Zambrano will continue working directly with [RG]2’s GeoSAFETY program, which focusses on creating effective, resilient solutions to overcome the technical challenges of adopting subsurface formations for fluid storage and utilization (e.g., carbon dioxide, hydrogen), geothermal systems, nuclear waste repositories, intermittent subsurface energy storage (associated with renewables such as wind and solar), and the efficient and responsible development of hydrocarbon resources as we progress towards renewable energy systems.

Access to [RG]2’s GeoInnovation Environments will provide Dr. Zambrano with the world-class technology and laboratory assets needed to accelerate knowledge of sustainable subsurface energy management and environmental stewardship.

“The development of sustainable energy systems such as subsurface energy is vital for our future. I am honoured to welcome Dr. Zambrano to the Faculty of Engineering. I am confident that his contributions will help the University of Alberta continue to lead initiatives in this field." Simaan M. AbouRizk PhD, PEng, FRSC, FCAE, Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta

“The subsurface is a crucial environment for development of new energy systems that will meaningfully contribute to our transition to low-carbon, sustainable energy. With his new appointment, Dr. Zambrano will build upon his already valuable contributions to the University of Alberta’s world leading expertise in this area, enhancing our institution’s capacity for groundbreaking contributions in fields such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage; hydrogen; and geothermal energy.” Dr. M. Anne Naeth, Director, Energy Systems Signature Area

I am thrilled to continue my contributions in teaching and research as professor of Subsurface Energy. Focusing on subsurface assurance of energy transition scenarios and building the capacity of a new generation of engineers to meet the demands of these modern challenges, my research will support the outstanding research embodied in GeoSAFETY and associated programs like ACTiON.” Dr. Gonzalo Zambrano Narváez, Industrial Professor of Subsurface Energy in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.

Research Facilities

Located at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, our GIEs consist of: the Geomechanical Research Experimental Facilty (GeoREF), the Geomechanical Centrifuge Experimental Facility (GeoCERF), the Geomechanical 3D Printing Facility (GeoPRINT), the Geomechanical Reservoir Modelling Technology (GeoRMT) and the Induced Seismicity Experimental Research Facility (ISERF)

Current Research

There are many exciting testing and research projects being carried out by [RG]2 both locally and in collaboration with organisations abroad. Learn more about our research initiatives by clicking on the button below.