We are a Student Club at the University of Alberta in association with NeuroTechX which promotes development and education in the neurotechnology space. Our goal is to create an environment to facilitate neurotechnological innovations for undergraduate students here at the University of Alberta, foster skills through workshops and mentorship, and build a competent team to compete in the annual NeuroTechX Student Club Competitions!

Hack Night!

Do you wanna put some of your comp/neuro sci knowledge to the test, challenge yourself, and possibly even help out the project team? Come out to our hack night to see what you can do!

When: Thursday, October 24th 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Where: Student Innovation Centre (SIC)

Details: Make sure to bring a laptop!

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Watch our video submission for the NeuroTechX Student Club Open Competition 2019!

Check out the media coverage that AlphaBlaster received:

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