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NWT-specific digital literacy

The project

DigitalNWT aims to strengthen the foundation of community-based digital literacy in the Northwest Territories (NWT). With a ‘train the trainer’ approach, DigitalNWT equips a team of community-based instructors with the skills to offer digital literacy training in communities across the NWT. Participants will learn how to use digital devices, browse the Internet, manage data, and stay secure online. Upon the project’s conclusion, the local communities will have a customized digital literacy curriculum package that can be taught and updated on an ongoing basis.

The team

The project is led by the Gwich’in Tribal Council (GTC), the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), the Sahtú Renewable Resources Board (SRRB), and the Tłı̨chǫ Government. These organizations are partnering with the University of Alberta, the Smart Communities Society (NWT), Hands On Media Education, and Aurora College to ensure the successful delivery of the program.

DigitalNWT is supported by funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Digital Literacy Exchange Program.

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DigitalNWT at a glance

Course 1 Overview

This short video shows our first workshop held in Inuvik, NT on August 27-29 2019.

As of May 2020, we have trained 38 people and taught our courses to 171 participants across the Northwest Territories.

Learning about digital literacy

Multiple courses are being developed to prepare communities with the digital skills they want and need.

Photo by Trish Fontaine

Community-based digital innovators

Knowledge is shared by local digital innovators that understand the unique desires, interests and needs of their communities.

Photo is Amos Scott, a Tłı̨chǫ filmmaker, photographer, and communications expert.

Our collaborative approach

Course lessons and approaches are designed and refined using ongoing community engagement and research. This ensures that DigitalNWT meets the specific needs of Northern residents.

Photo by Hanne Pearce

Photo by Alec Cooks

Responsive and adaptable

A dynamic region

Course materials are composed of sets of customized and flexible learning modules designed for Northern and Indigenous communities. Through hands-on activities and examples of northern digital innovators, the courses reflect and celebrate NWT-specific knowledge of digital technologies.

Following up and evolving

Through collaborative research activities, information about the development, adoption and use of digital technologies is documented and shared in an ongoing relationship between project partners and residents of the Northwest Territories.

Upcoming updates

Developing learning resources

The DigitalNWT team is currently developing free and open access course materials - stay tuned for more information.

Photo by Hanne Pearce

Future website plans

As this website develops, it will become a knowledge hub and online community to share information and resources about NWT-specific digital literacy.

Photo by Hanne Pearce

For more information about DigitalNWT, message or find us on Facebook and Twitter