Who's involved

Multiple organizations

An NWT-based initiative

The project is led by a Steering Committee that consists of four Indigenous organizations: the Gwich’in Tribal Council (GTC), the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), the Sahtú Renewable Resources Board (SRRB), and the Tłı̨chǫ Government.

These organizations are partnering with other NWT-based organizations, the Smart Communities Society (NWT), Aurora College, and the Aurora Research Institute.

Across Canada

The University of Alberta (Faculty of Extension and School of Library and Information Studies) is involved in research and curriculum development for the project.

Hands On Media Education is providing digital storytelling workshops and videography support for the project.

DigitalNWT is a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform.

Steering Committee

Gwich’in Tribal Council

Sahtú Renewable Resources Board

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Tłı̨chǫ Government

NWT-based Organizations

Other organizations

Continue learning about DigitalNWT

Course lessons and approaches are designed and refined using ongoing community engagement and research. This ensures that DigitalNWT meets the specific needs of Northern residents.

Photo by Hanne Pearce

Multiple courses are being developed to prepare communities with the digital skills they want and need.