Healing Through Language and Culture

A CURA partnership amongst the Oblates missionaries, Indigenous/non-Indigenous scholars and Aboriginal communities, promotes objectives and activities that focus on individual and community healing through language and culture.

The CURA Healing Through Language and Culture proposes research and analysis of:

  • How culture and language are integrally connected?

  • How language and culture are the basis of health and vitality of individuals and communities?

Healing through Language and Culture works to strengthen and enhance the vital connections between Indigenous ancestral knowledge and the health and wellness of contemporary Indigenous communities and peoples. These connections are sustained through living cultures and languages that are given expression in the teachings of traditional Indigenous knowledge holders and are reflected in the lives of Indigenous adults, youth and children. This work contributes to the protection and revitalization of Indigenous cultures and languages as primary sources of knowledge related to the harmonious development of individual and collective Indigenous identities and histories.