eFAST Training

Trauma Ultrasound

The following image outlines the core learning outcomes of this training program, including flipped classroom lectures and training workshop.

Learning the eFAST exam can be divided roughly into three separate stages of learning. Often the the importance of acquisition and the role of image optimization are under-emphasized, which we have attempted to address. We have broken down the eFAST exam into a series of tutorials to help you understand each component. Our hope is to maximize the hands-on training time during the workshop by providing focused tutorials in advance.

eFAST indications & limitations

eFAST physics and machine knobology

Detection of pneumothorax

Detection of hemothoraces & pleural effusions

Detection of a pericardial effusion

Detection of Intra-abdominal free fluid

Other helpful resources

For a helpful resource please check out the following eFAST simulator from Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE), Dept Anaesthesia at Toronto General Hospital:

  • https://pie.med.utoronto.ca/POCUS/POCUS_content/efast.html#instructions