Echo in the CV ICU

Welcome to the exciting world of critical care echo in the cardiovascular intensive care unit. From localized tamponade and cardiogenic shock to mechanical support and vascular emergencies, the versatility of ultrasound in the CV ICU is remarkable.

Here we will explore the use of echo in the CV ICU beginning with a selection of videos from #ABaCCUSRounds featuring a ABaCCUS team member and cardiologist-intensivist-echo guru Dr. Aws Al-Herbish. Please stay tuned as this section develops.


A foray into indications for CCE in the CV ICU and a common loathsome pathology, localized pericardial tamponade.

Mechanical cardiac support

A brief exploration of echo-based assessment of ventricular assist devices including LVADs.

Aortic dissection

TTE for detection of aortic dissection, a forray into how, why, advantages and limitations.

Extra-corporeal support

A brief introduction to echo-based assessment of extra-corporeal support with VV ECMO and the Avalon cannula.