Ultrasound workshop

Canadian Critical Care Conference 2019

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, attendees will expect to:

  • Perform a bedside ultrasound, including acquiring and interpreting images from the eye, trachea and lungs.
  • Characterize the sonographic features of the optic nerve sheath that are helpful in determining for the presence or absence of raised intra-cranial pressure.
  • Characterize sonographic features of the airway and lungs that are helpful in determining 1.tracheal/esophageal intubation, 2. detecting a mainstem intubation and 3. detecting the presence of a post-intubation pneumothorax.
  • Understand the related evidence base and performance characteristics that supports these practices.

Approach to ONSD

In this video, we will discuss assessment of the optic nerve sheath as a predictor of raised intra-cranial pressure.

Approach to airway & lung u/s

This video will introduce you to the basic concepts in airway/lung ultrasound to facilitate identification of the crico-thyroid membrane, endotracheal intubation and identification of complications.