Statistical Consulting Services

One important responsibility in the Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation is to provide research consulting services to both students and faculty throughout the University. CRAME is only 1 of 2 academic units on campus to offer statistical consulting services (the other being in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences). Our clients come from diverse departments throughout the University, including Secondary Education, Pediatrics, Psychology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Physical Education, and Rehabilitation Medicine, in addition to serving students and faculty in Educational Psychology. Chalkboard. We have one student consultant in the Fall term and 1.5 consultants in the Winter and Spring/Summer terms. The consultants are senior CRAME graduate students who have completed their statistics and research methods courses.

Research consulting services is supervised by Dr. Ying Cui.

To meet with a consultant, please complete the CRAME consulting request form and book your appointment using the calendar. A CRAME consultant will then contact you to schedule an appointment.