Context for the Galloway Case

The following are links providing context for the firing of Steven Galloway from the University of British Columbia, the subsequent attempt by a group calling itself UBCAccountable to support Galloway and criticize the actions of UBC, and the reason for the counter-letter, a petition delivered to the representatives of UBCAccountable November 23, 2016.

The events connected to UBCAccountable's actions are complex, and over time have become associated with other problems in the CanLit industry. This page tracks background for the controversy, provides resources for understanding the terms of the debate and includes some of the views of UBCAccountable signatories themselves, from 2016 to 2018.

If you are interested in learning more about what the circumstances of the UBCAccountable controversy were, what related controversies continue to mean in CanLit and what the future of CanLit could involve, please look for the collection REFUSE: CanLit in Ruins,.

Related Open Letters, Statements and Petitions

UBCAccountable open letter, archived with signatures. Additional statements on the site are also archived.

Open Letter in petition form and web page against the UBCAccountable letter. Web page shows signatures.

Open letter from students, professors and activists at Brock University

Open letter from students at the University of Winnipeg


Testimony, Reactions, Storify

Opposing Views

Post-Appeal Process : Payout; Main Complainant's Request to UBC; Galloway's 2018 Lawsuit; Other Issues

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