CVCC Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program extends academic and technical training beyond the classroom by providing opportunities for students to apply their learning in a workplace setting. The program is a collaboration between the Central Vermont Career Center and area employers and is designed to offer paid or unpaid career-related experiences that build on and expand a student’s skills. Whether the goal is to develop self-confidence, employability skills or advanced job placement, the Cooperative Education career-based curriculum encourages students to put their education to work.

Senator Sanders speaking at CVCC about apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning


  • Job Shadowing
  • Career Work Experience
  • Career Technical Education (Co-op)
  • Registered Apprenticeship

Wayne Tozzi

Cooperative Education Coordinator

Central Vermont Career Center

155 Ayers Street

Barre, Vermont 057641

802-476-6237 ex. 1137

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