School Counseling Resources for Students

What in the world do school counselors do?

****School counselors provide social, emotional, and career support.****

School counselors provide individual short-term counseling, group counseling and mediation, and classroom lessons about non-academic learning. They also provide career, college, and post-secondary counseling. As a school counseling coordinator, I keep in touch with your sending school counselor to make sure that you are on track for graduation, that you have healthy relationships with teachers, peers, friends, family, and romantic partners, and that you have support for things like depression, addiction, grief, guardianship changes, and homelessness. I also make it a priority to address bullying and harassment, as these types of behavior are incredibly damaging to individuals, targeted groups, and to our communities. I work to empower students and to fight for social justice and equity of all students here at CVCC.

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I am located on the second floor of Central Vermont Career Center Room 125

MAIN: (802) 476-6237 ext 1156

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