I'm a first-year PhD student in Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt University, working with Sarah Brown-Schmidt. I graduated from the University of Rochester in 2018 with a B.S. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, working with Chigusa Kurumada in the Kinder Lab.

I'm interested in how people understand others’ intentions at the levels of real-time spoken language processing, written communication, and later memory for conversations and speakers.


  • Pragmatic analysis of gender-based microaggressions, investigating what linguistic and non-linguistic factors affect listeners' diverging interpretations of the same interaction (as neutral/polite vs as offensive) [OSF preregistrations] [CUNY 2019 poster, LSA 2019 poster]
  • How partners' memory for a conversation converges/diverges over time and is shaped by agreement on the conversation topic
  • Artificial language study of how contrastive inferences adapt to changing linguistic knowledge [CUNY 2018 poster]
  • Speaker-specific adaptation of pragmatic inferences [AMLaP 2016 poster, AMLaP 2018 poster]


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