Products and Performances

Products and Performances

YouTube Stereotype Presentation

Students will examine stereotypes in popular media using YouTube. In their documentary groups, students will investigate the prevalence of stereotypes and analyze the impact of those generalizations on viewers. Then, students will present their findings to the class and participate in a reflective discussion about inclusion vs. division in our society. Student presentations will be assessed using this rubric.

Anatomy of a Greaser ThingLink

Students will create an interactive image using ThingLink to demonstrate the affects of stereotypes on groups of people. In this activity, students will work as individuals to create stereotype-like judgments and generalizations based on appearance. Students will use this image to step into the shoes of a "stereotyper" and reflect on the ease and affect (on themselves and others) of doing so. Students will submit their ThingLink and reflections to the teacher for evaluation as well as contribute to a class discussion.

The Outsiders Six-Word Memoir & Gallery Walk

Students will write six-word memoirs for one of the following characters from S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders: Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, Bob, Cherry, or Randy. Each memoir should reflect on the idea of stereotypes and the theme of inclusion. Students will use their knowledge of each character to creatively analyze the role of stereotypes in these characters's lives/story. Each student will write a memoir and participate in a class gallery walk to reflect on their classmates's work.

Novel Title Padlet Discussion

Students will discuss the title of S.E. Hinton's novel The Outsiders on this Padlet discussion board. Each student will contribute to the discussion board independently and reflect on the question: Why did S.E. Hinton title her novel The Outsiders? To complete this activity, each student will also comment on two other contributions made by classmates.

Documentary Idea Pitch

Students will present and defend their documentary idea to the teacher. Students will pitch the idea as a group to answer the requirement-based questions outlined on this rubric and to demonstrate a complete understanding of the project's theme / purpose. As part of their pitch, students must indicate and explain their specific roles in the project as well as their plans for creating a call-to-action to conclude their documentary.

Culminating Activity


To promote inclusion in their school/community, students will create a 10-minute documentary that includes creative and personal interviews. Students will analyze selected literature and incorporate interviews from key characters affected by stereotypes and social injustice. Groups will present/defend their documentary at a middle school-wide viewing party.

Documentary Viewing Party + Q&A Session

The final day of the 4-week project will be a viewing party for the whole middle school, plus teachers, administration, parents, etc. As part of this viewing party, each group (with all members participating in the presentation) will present their documentary to the audience. Their presentation should include the following:

    • Purpose of the Project
    • Title of the Documentary
    • Message of the Documentary
    • Specific Explanation of Group Call-to-Action

Following the presentation, the group will show their documentary. The ten-minute documentary will conclude with a Q&A session with the audience. Any audience members will be invited to ask questions and/or comment on the group's documentary. Again, all students should participate in the Q&A session by contributing their perspective or role in the documentary.

Reflection Methods

Reflection Methods