Entry Event

Chromebook Scoot

Respond to each statement by inserting an emoji to show your reaction. Move to the next Chromebook and respond to the statement at the sound of the buzzer.

Stereotype Google SCOOT Anticipatory Activity

What is a stereotype?

Reflective Response: What do you mean when you say someone does something "like a girl"?

Respond here: https://goo.gl/G6htqN

Follow-up Discussion:

  1. How did this ad make you feel? Why?
  2. Why did the girls' perception of themselves change after 12 years old?
  3. How is this campaign encouraging inclusion, not division?
  4. How does this campaign use interviews to present their message?

Follow-up Discussion:

  1. How do the two videos relate?
  2. Are stereotypes true? Why?
  3. How does society (pop culture) encourage stereotypes?
  4. Who taught you about stereotypes?
  5. Can stereotypes hurt people?

Reflective Discussion

Discuss Adichie's quotation. Are stereotypes untrue or incomplete? Why is it important for everybody to have a "story"?