Portfolio: Jason Ward

Boise State University


Welcome! On the following pages, you will find a collection of thoughts, learning, projects, and proposals for the future of augmented and virtual reality. Please use the links above to navigate this digital portfolio.

This portfolio represents both a culmination of work in the course Gamified Augmented Reality and Mobile technologies, as well as providing a foundation for what I hope will be a substantial shift in my practice toward implementing both augmented and virtual realities in the classroom.

Teaching and learning in the sciences, especially physical sciences (i.e. physics, chemistry, etc.) is challenging on many fronts. While some if the concepts are easily observed and explored, many topics require learners to develop mental models of abstract ideas or interactions that are invisible to the naked (or enhanced) eye. There are also questions of safety, cost, and other resources that limit the ability of teachers and learners to interact with some of the more fundamental areas of focus in these subject areas. Finally, learners in the physical sciences bring a wide range of mathematical skill and comprehension required for these content areas, and many students will not pursue future academic or professional careers that require deep understanding of these concepts. Therefore, it is important to offer at least some level of individualized consideration in terms of both delivery and assessment of these courses.

I believe that augmented and virtual reality can provide opportunities to address many, if not all of these challenges across a diverse set of environments and learning needs. The proposed instructional unit and discussion of future plans are merely a brief look at a few of the areas that I believe can be enhanced by augmented and virtual reality.

The rest of this digital portfolio is organized as described below:

Individual Projects: A collection of thoughts and individual projects involving augmented and virtual reality developed for this course.

Instructional Unit Proposal: A description of a potential unit on scientific measurement and laboratory practices that incorporates augmented and virtual reality.

Resources: A collection of links and ideas that may prove helpful to educators and designers interested in implementing or exploring augmented and virtual reality.

Final Thoughts and the Future: Both a summary of what has been learned in this course, and a description of plans for future applications or opportunities in augmented and virtual reality for learning.