1:1 Revolution

Introduction: In this artifact, we were asked as a class to plan a lesson around a classroom that had 1:1 access to technology--this means each student has access to either an ipad or a chromebook for individual work. One of the challenges of not having 1:1 is the lack of dependency on available resources. By having the promise of resources, teachers can reinvent their teaching style in many areas. This list presents my thinking around each area of thought & a supporting technology to assist in strengthening the topic/skill area. What I appreciated about this project was the focus needed to categorize tools I was aware of but based on topics rather than just knowing of the product loosely in my mind.

If your district was told you were able to go 1:1 tomorrow, what might some ideas be for a 7th Grade Social Studies classroom? How might you approach Content Delivery, Assessments, Collaboration? Check out some ideas below and how they can impact teaching and learning: