Senior Corner

If colleges are missing any documents please use this form to submit a request

Please complete this form to keep me updated about your college acceptances, denials, and/or waitlist. Note, updating your tracker is for you to remain organized.

Please use this link to schedule a meeting with me.

Michelle Morales-Bridge to College Coach

Please review Michelle's office hours posted weekly on Google Classroom for help with your College transition.

Each guide serves as a checklist, providing students with links to school specific information on what’s needed to enroll successfully.

Student Opportunities

  • Ladies Get Paid : lots of articles, tutorials, and a super active Slack network that focuses on women helping women with career/salary negotiation and networking.

  • Built By Girls : WAVE mentorship program connects young women 1:1 with professional mentors in CS fields to help with anything from selecting college and career pathways to interview skills.

  • TopKnot : Still in pilot phase, but it focuses on creating small groups of professional women with similar interests and goals to work on professional goal setting and career navigation.

  • Lunchclub : Sets up relevant, 45-minute meetings with professionals in your field to get assistance/advice/talk about whatever.

Future Ready Power Hour

Webinar series for graduating Seniors & their families

Use this link to register for any of the webinars.

Making A Post-Secondary Decision

Determining your next step after high school is always a big decision! The coronavirus makes it all the more challenging for this year.

Use this checklist to help make an informed decision.

Colleges with a new commitment Deadline

Please use this link to see which colleges are extending their commitment deadline.

"Don't count the days...Make the days COUNT!

IMPORTANT: Please read everything below

How Do I Check my College Application Status?

  1. After submitting your application to each college you should have gotten an email from them. Those email are very often your log-in to check the status of your application.

  2. If you have not created the log-in please do so now. Write your log-in info on your Student Profile found on your google drive. There is a tab on the sheet named "College Dashboard Log-Ins"

  3. If you did not get an email please call the admission office asking them, "Hi my name is (Insert Your Name Here) and I am calling to check in on the status of my application"

  4. Please keep me informed if there is anything missing. By now everything should be in, only documents I have seen missing for most of you are any financial documents and/or SAT scores. Please CONTACT ME ASAP if anything is missing.

6 Quick Tips For Contacting Colleges

We know you’re excited to demonstrate your interest to the colleges on your list. But before you dash off an e-mail to the admissions office at your dream school, think about how you are presenting yourself to your potential school.

Use this link to learn more!

IMPORTANT: Student Leadership Network

FERPA-Class of 2020

Starting April 27th, seniors will begin receiving emails from Alumni Engagement, welcoming them into the alumni network and encouraging them to complete the FERPA form.

The email message will include this short, fun video that outlines who we are and why they should complete CBI’s FERPA.

uAspire text message-Class of 2020

Seniors will receive texts from their uAspire advisor the week of May 4th.

Virtual College Tours

Colleges are tapping into 360-degree video and virtual reality to welcome prospective students to campus from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. A virtual tour can function as an early sorting tool for students weighing colleges or as a substitute for those unable to visit.

CUNY Application Status

Use this video for a step by step to see how to check your college status or read the instructions on the side.

Questions: Reach out to Ms. Jimenez

  1. Once you have created your account please log-in.

  2. Once you are logged in, on the left hand side under “CUNYfirst Menu” click ‘Student Center’

  3. Scroll down to the ‘Admissions’ section and click ‘View Details’. You will have to do this for each college.

  4. So once you finish viewing one go back to the "Student Center" page and scroll back down to click on the next college.

CUNY (Fall 2020-Spring 2021)