Other Ways To Listen

You can listen to us through your personal streaming program such as VLC or RadioMaximus:

By going to MyTuner, you can access us by typing "kty" in search or to this link below. They offer any type of devices so you can listen to us from anywhere!

The Station Quick Links:

  • Station Profile: https://live365.com/station/K-T-Y-Radio-Network-a20322
  • Using the licensed player button: http://player.live365.com/a20322
  • Add the horizontal widget to your web site: <iframe src="https://broadcaster.live365.com/v1/now-playing/large/a20322" width='440px' height='240px' frameborder="0"/>
  • Add the vertical widget to your web site: <iframe src="https://broadcaster.live365.com/v1/now-playing/small/a20322" width='220px' height='380px' frameborder="0"/>

Adding the apps to your cell phone, tablet or Alexa

  • Type "k t y" (include spaces) on the Apple and Google Play app and save as "favorites":
  • Alexa: "Alexa, Tell Live Three Sixty Five to play K T Y Radio Network". (Note: The Alexa skill for Live365 must be enabled.)