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Dear Parents and Students, extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. You can use the menu at the top of the page to find some exciting STEAM learning and our specialist teachers' online classes. Please share all your work on either your Seesaw or Google Classroom pages so your teacher can see it.

During this period of remote learning, there may be days that students are able to complete the programme that the teachers have set for them and have some time to spare. Use this website to find alternative activities for them to do. It is very important that students enjoy what they do!

E-Pro 8 Lockdown Edition
TPCS Stop Motion Competition

rightnow MEDIA

Dear community, you are eligible for a free subscription to RightNow Media, best described as a Christian "Netflix". To get access to this amazing resource, please follow this link to sign up:

You will find RightNow Media's wholesome programming helpful to give your children worthwhile media to watch (it works on phones, tablets and Smart TV's) and the topics available may also improve your understanding of our school's Christian character.