Mr. Markos

Grade 6 Mathematics

Burnet Middle School

About This Class

In this class, students will work in a safe environment where they feel comfortable to take risks. Students will further develop critical and analytical thinking skills as they become stronger problem solvers, mathematicians, thinkers, and listeners. My top academic priority is to guide students to learn to use and improve their problem solving skills as a tool to help them develop and express their foundation in Math. I am looking forward to seeing the students' growth between September and June.

Grade 6 Math Curriculum

The Math 6 curriculum links to and builds on students’ elementary mathematics experiences, provides for the acquisition and mastery of essential skills, and introduces new concepts or revisits familiar ones in greater depth. There is a strong emphasis on understanding of and computing with rational numbers, rates and ratios, basic algebraic expressions and equations, statistical thinking, area and volume. It is important for all students to have access to a rich curriculum that enables them to acquire a solid knowledge of mathematics, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to reason effectively, so that they will be well prepared for seventh grade math and beyond. In order to develop the foundation needed for the formal study of algebra and geometry, the sixth grade curriculum challenges students to think about mathematics, work collaboratively, and solve meaningful problems.