COVID-19 Update

With the recent lifting of restrictions, we are allowed to return to face to face meetings! However, as a result of COVID-19, our current venues are not available for group use. We are seeking alternative venues but in the meantime out regular meeting groups are continuing online. Please contact their facilitators directly to find out how to access the meetings during this time.

On a positive note, events and workshops are permitted again! We have had to make a few changes with our scheduling and venues need to be reconfirmed but it is all happening. Check our events page for details!

Finally, due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently selling six month memberships (1st July - 31st December 2020). $25 for full membership, $20 for concession. We have a busy six months planned so don't miss out!

You can purchase your six month memberships here.

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Writing tends to be a lonely, thankless hobby. It can be hard to find alpha and beta readers, to get valuable feedback on your WIP (by someone that actually knows what they're looking for!), and even harder to find answers to questions like, "What's my next step?" or "How do I get published?"

Being part of a like-minded community is the absolute best experience we can offer you.

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As a not-for-profit organisation, we are run by volunteers. We love what we do, but we have to manage it around jobs, family, and our own writing careers, and that gets hard sometimes. If you have a service or some time you feel you could donate, we would be very appreciative.

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Donations are very welcome! We are a not-for-profit organisation so any money donated goes back into the organisation - it's the members that benefit!

Donations can help us cover insurance fees and other overheads. or may go toward paying for flights or presenter fees so we can bring exciting new talent and opportunities into Townsville!

Donations to the TWPC are tax-deductible.

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Are you a published author? Writing mentor? Qualified editor? Do you have a workshop, mentoring program, editing service, or something else that you would like to present to Townsville's writing community? Send us an email and get in touch! If you're the right fit for our audience, we'd love to have you!

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Member Highlights

Rachel Armstrong & Jill Staunton

Well done to current and former TWPC members, Rachel Armstrong and Jill Staunton, who will both be published in this terrific anthology by Boolarong Press!

You can check out their book here:

James Milton

The TWPC celebrates all writing achievements, not just creative!

One of our very own members, James Milton, has recently had an article on Perceived Status and Violent Punitiveness published in the M/C Journal of Media and Culture.

Congratulations, James!

Read the article here:

Infection Anthology

The Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre is proud to present an anthology of ten thrilling stories by local authors. Infection highlights a diversity of genres reflective of the writing groups supported by the TWPC. There's a story to interest everyone.

You can check out the anthology here: