Seven teens are gathered together, complaining about the ignominy of their summer jobs. The Fairy of Fairness teaches them a lesson by transporting them back in time to learn what summer jobs were like in the Middle Ages.

Three trick-or-treater friends lament that they don’t know any scary Halloween stories to tell around the campfire – so they decide to put their own “monster” twist on the classic fairy tales that they do know! Hear “The Tail of Cinderella” about a girl who just wants to fit in with all the monsters at the ball, and just might be able to do so with the help of her werewolf Hairy Godmother. “Vampire Snow White” visits seven ghosts while trying to escape the evil queen and a bite of poisoned garlic, while “Mummy Rapunzel” is locked away in a tower by a witch. Enjoy these silly and not-so-scary Monster Princess Tales!

Princess Rose is born and the fairies of the kingdom come to give her gifts, from beauty to math skills! One fairy (who wasn’t invited to the party) gives her a gift that involves scissors and isn’t too pleasant. Can Rose’s brother Diego and a cast of colorful characters help rid her of this curse before her 15th birthday?

Julia has unexpectedly been put in charge of her first company retreat and is desperate for things to go perfectly. Unfortunately, her hopes for a smooth week are dashed almost as soon as the first guests arrive. An angry boss, a conceited employee, and a strictly prohibited office romance are just the beginning of Julia’s problems. Throw in the mysterious death of one of the guests and Julia finds herself facing a nightmare. The police are called, questions are answered and revelations are made that all lead to a shocking conclusion that nobody could see coming.

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty – they’re the princesses you’ve heard about who fall asleep and then wait around for princes to come wake them up. …Or do they? Mouthy (one of the seven dwarfs) and Fee (a fairy) are ready to tell the part of the story you’ve never heard before. The princesses actually meet in their dreams and open up a successful business. Pies & Suds is Dreamland’s very first bakery-dry-cleaning establishment, and the princesses are proud to service humans and animals across the land. That is until Mayor Rutherford enforces her strict no-animals-in-eating-establishments policy. Prince Charming and Prince Clumsy’s family has ruled the land for generations, though, and the brothers assure the princesses that the evil mayor has no real authority. But when Mayor Rutherford enacts a plan to steal control of Dreamland, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty must go on a quest to ensure that everything turns out happily ever after. Can the princesses defeat Mayor Rutherford and an invisible guard dragon named Mimsy? The mission may seem impossible, but anything can happen with the magic of fairytales!

Oliver Bloom’s day is about to take a turn for the peculiar when he accidentally swallows the seed of a grape and worries it will take root in his belly, sending grapevines growing through his body and out his ears! His zany grape theory gets him branded “the biggest oddball in town” by his know-it-all teen sister, Priscilla, who challenges him to a bet — Find three bigger oddballs before sundown or do three weeks of Priscilla’s chores! With the help of his two younger siblings, Oliver sets out on a madcap quest to prove Priscilla wrong by digging up some real oddballs. There must be at least three of them out there in the world …. right? As the Bloom kids’ mission unravels, a bevy of bona fide oddballs slowly rise to the surface. But can the kids tag three of them before sundown? And will the oddballs be odd enough to win the approval of prickly Priscilla? Or will Oliver, Sonny, and Lola get stuck doing three-weeks-worth of her teen-level chores?

Oz is Twisted is the story that you know of Dorothy and her visit to the wonderful world of the wizard of Oz. Dorothy lives in New York with her mom, when business takes her away she is forced to spend the summer in Kansas! Suddenly a tornado sends her to OZ where she meets some familiar friends and some wicked foes! When Dorothy’s house squashes the Wicked Witch of the East, she is thanked by the, now freed, Munchkins and given the witch’s slippers (are those Prada?). Dorothy meets all of your favorite characters; the Scarecrow (and his singing group – the Crow Bars), Cowardly Lion and Tinman! They all head out to see if the Wonderful Wizard of Oz will send Dorothy home. While on their way, they battle the Wicked Witch of the West, who is determined to get revenge for the death of her sister. You will love the fun scenes, like meeting the Gillikin people and encountering the enchanted poppies. Eventually, Glinda the Good Witch and her sister Locasta help Dorothy defeat the evil witch and her winged monkeys. The great and powerful wizard grants Dorothy’s friends their wishes and of course, helps Dorothy return to Kansas.

The Princess and the Pea is the story of Amy, a princess who loves green and eating peas (yes, peas!). Amy wants to marry the very handsome Prince James. Unfortunately Queen Janice doesn’t want Amy and James to marry so she dares Amy not to eat any peas for 24 hours! Can Amy stop eating her favorite food – even though she will be tempted (even between her mattress!)?

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