Math Resources

3rd Grade Math:

4th Grade Math:

  • Multiplication facts through 10 x 10
  • Standard algorithm for addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication of large numbers by a 1-digit number and 2-digit by 2-digt number
  • Division by a single digit number
  • Equivalent fractions and decimals
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions with common denominators
  • Multiplication of fractions and whole numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of decimals

Parent Math Handbook:

The document below was created to help parents support their student at home. It can be used within this page or opened in another tab by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner. There are linked resources for each expectation for 3rd and 4th grade mathematicians as well as concept explanations for parents. If you have any questions about materials within the handbook or there is an issue with a link, please let me know.

3/4 Copy of Twinfield Math Handbook