Helpdesk 2.0

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Welcome to the new Helpdesk 2.0 (click to watch 2-minute tutorial)

  1. Click "Submit a Ticket"
  2. Enter your computer username/password and click Continue
  3. Your location, first name and last name will already be pre-populated
  4. Begin by choosing a problem type or "Class"; you will begin with 2 questions - "Am I requesting something new?" or "Am I requesting a change"
  5. From there you may narrow down your choice based on the options in the second and third spaces.
  6. Enter a subject or any other helpful information we might need to solve the issue and click "Submit My Ticket"


You will receive an email confirming the ticket submission along with the ticket number. From then on you will be connected to the technician assigned the job through email. Every email correspondence thereafter will arrive to you through Outlook and you may respond by simply replying to the email as the tech is working on your issue.


How to check the status of an existing ticket (click video to view 1-minute tutorial)


How to communicate with your technician (click video to view 1-minute tutorial)