Google Apps

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) - On your mark. Get set. Go. Instruct. Mold. Innovate.

The TVSD Google domain is available at The .INFO top-level domain (TLD) is typically used by domains/services where the exchange of valuable resources, research, learning and pertinent information is paramount. This is, in essence, our chance to contribute to the grass-roots efforts that have made Google what it is today, and to realize our Googliness.

Google for Students

All TVSD Students are issued a Google account. The account can be accessed as early as Kindergarten; however those students younger than 5th grade will not have access to Gmail.

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Google Tips & Tricks

Visit this page for many tips and tutorials on using the wide array of apps.

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Google Certification

Available to all teachers for showing mastery levels within Google.

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K-2 Tutorial Hyperdoc

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Google's Safety Center

(security and safety info)

Google Apps Channel

(great source for Google apps and info from the G Suite team)

The story of Google - The Google story begins in 1995 at Stanford University....