Annual Verification


  • Access annual verification by logging into Campus Parent
  • At the left, click More > Online Registration
  • Items highlighted in yellow require updates
  • Items in red or labeled with a red *, are required and must be completed.
  • When you arrive at the student section, some of the information is student-specific and must be completed/updated for each student
  • Be sure to click Save/Continue or Next to apply your changes
  • Review the screenshots below for an overview of the process

Let's begin...

Introduction - click Begin registration to start

Welcome - enter your name as we have it listed in the first line.

Welcome (continued) - Please read and click Begin

Primary phone - verify and click Home address

Home address - click "The home address listed is no longer current" if you wish to update your home address

Mailing address - verify that the mailing address is the same or different than the home address. You can update the mailing address here if you un-check the box

Parent/guardian information - if the item is highlighted in yellow, updates are necessary. Click Edit/review.

Parent/guardian information - Items in red must be updated.

Click Next to continue, and update phone information.

Click Next to continue.

Add/update emergency contacts - click Add new emergency contact to add all of the contacts for your students.

*If you have have multiple students that require different emergency contacts, you will have an opportunity later in this process to assign emergency contacts to your students.

Other households - if your student is a member of multiple households, please add/update that information here

Afterwards, click Save/continue to proceed.

Student information - items highlighted yellow require attention. Click Edit/review to proceed.

Student name etc. - Update the students name and whether they are Foreign Exchange student or not.

Click Next

Race - verify that the information we have on file is correct. Updates to this section must be submitted directly tot eh school office in writing.

Click Next

Housing - verify the student's housing situation

Language - verify the student's primary language as well as the parents (ONLY UPDATE IF OTHER THAN ENGLISH)

Click Next

Relationships - verify/update the relationships for this specific student

Click Next

Emergency contacts - choose/assign contacts to this specific student.

Select "No relationship" if this is not an emergency contact for this student.

Click Next

Other household - verify other members/siblings in relation to this student

Click Next

Health services - update medications, update health exams information depending on the grade level. Read and acknowledge the other statements.

Click Next

Release agreements - acknowledge by clicking the boxes

Click Next

Transportation - add/update any important information you would like for our bus drivers to know about your student

Final steps

  • You will have an opportunity to verify your changes one last time
  • Submit the annual verification
  • Your submitted forms will be placed into a queue for our building staff to review and update