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Summer Reading

Summer reading was a great success this year. We had a great time seeing how excited our students were about continuing to read this summer. Our Kindergarten through Fifth Graders earned 6,306.1 points this summer with an average correct of 89.66 % when AR testing. We are very proud of all our summer readers and will be distributing the summer reading prize very soon to students who earned the point goal and percentage for summer reading.

2019-2020 Reading Goals


1st nine weeks- 3 points

2nd nine weeks -4- points

3rd nine weeks- 5 points

4th nine weeks- 3 points

First Grade

1st nine weeks- 4 points

2nd nine weeks- 8 points

3rd nine weeks- 8 points

4th nine weeks- 5 points

The goal is the above number of points with an 80% or higher score in comprehension received on the A.R. quiz.

Second -Fifth Grades are individualized per nine weeks. PLease talk with your child about their goals and their progress toward that goal each nine weeks.


Karen Bowersox (PC & IC):

Tara Zawacki (IC & 4th & 5th Grade Center):

PC: (352) 259-7700

IC: (352) 259-2300

4/5: (352) 259-6850