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What is Mindset?

Research completed by Dr. Carol Dweck states that the way our students think impacts their attitude toward learning and how they perform in our classrooms.

  • 90 percent of students who are praised for effort instead of abilities ask for new challenging tasks and persevere in solving them.
  • Students who are praised for effort view challenges as a way of learning, and embrace them.
  • Students praised for abilities reject the opportunity for a challenge in fear they will not be able to perform as expected. These students are also more likely to lie about their performance when they do not feel they have succeeded on a task.
  • Students who are praised for being smart (abilities) are less likely to take risks in their learning and if they do not perform well or things do not come easily. They shut down because they no longer feel smart.
  • Students praised for hard work (effort) may find it hard to understand why another student would not want to challenge him- or herself and learn.

For more information visit - Florida Department of Education - Mindset