Mrs. Matthies Super Duper Second Grade Friends!

Notes and Reminders

June 4 and 8th-Grade Written Science Test

June 6th and 7th-PTO Book Fair

June 7th-NHS Awards Night-6:00 PM, GGM Multipurpose Room

June 8th-Field Day-K-3-10:00 am-11:30 am,4th-6th-12;30 pm- 2:00 pm

GGM Spring Concer 1:45, GFB 7-12 7PM

June 11th-HS Spring Fling: 2:00 PM

GGM Science Fair-9:00 AM

June 12th-21st-Regents Exam Week for HS

June 14th-K-2-Donuts With Dad: 8:45 AM

June 15th-Field Day Rain Date June 18th-KG Graduation-9:00 AM, HS Auditorium June 19th-6th Moving Up Ceremony:9:00 AM, HS Auditorium

June 21st-HS Graduation, 6:00 PM

June 21st-GGM K-6 Dismissal at 10:30 AM

June 22nd Last Day of School: Early Dismissal-10:30 AM

Classroom Daily Schedule



918-956-Social Studies



1114-1223-Lunch and Recess



220-245-Dreamworks and Dismissal

June Happenings

There will be more no more ELA homework given for the rest of the year. However, we will continue to give math homework.

Math Worksheets Unit 8 , The Write Way, 8.8*,8.9, 8.10 Tentatively. *Homework for the lesson is only given if the lesson was completed in the classroom. Sometimes we have to go to the next day.

Math Chapter test to be determined.

Dreambox-15 Minutes Daily

Reading-15 Minutes Daily


In ELA we have been really focusing on our writing. We are learning how to write, rewrite, edit and revise our writing. Recently we have been reading and writing about dinosaurs and what era they have come from. In our writing we include details such as a particular dinosaurs predator, what they eat and what they look like. We are bringing together reading and writing, and science and the focus is dinosaurs.


In math we have been learning to measure using different tools. We are measuring with a ruler, measuring tape and a yard stick. We are also learning to figure out what is the best tool to measure a specific item depending on size. If it's large a yard stick, if it is small a ruler would be best. If it is round a measuring tape would be best. We are also discussing the different units of measure such as inches and centimeters etc.


In science we are learning about dinosaurs and their eating habits, where they lived and how they became extinct. We are also learning about their predators and their prey.

Social Studies