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Second Grade Super Stars!

February Notes and Reminders

Daily Schedule

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Period 2-ELa

Period 3-Specials

Period 4-Social Studies

Period 5-Science

Period 6-Lunch

Period 7- Recess or Specials

Period 8 and 9- Math

Period 10-Math or Olweus

220-240-Recess or AIS



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ELA-In ELA we have been learning how to better dissect a story and find the beginning, middle and end along with the character and setting. In celebration of Black History month we read a story name Jamaica Louise James. This story is about a little girl who lives in New York City and likes to paint. The friends love the story because they also love to paint, but more because it takes place in New York City and this is relevant. We have completed a second read today and the students had to independently find the end. We did the beginning and middle whole group. This story is a personal narrative. It's a little girl who has written about something that has happened in her life and how she feels about it. The students will also write their own personal narrative about something that has happened to them and how it makes them feel. As a result the students are not only learning to further dissect a story, but they are also using the story focus to write thier own story.


We are working on chapter 5. The students are really being challenged with this chapter. This chapter is all about subtracting two digit numbers. However, the students have to show their work first. The two digit number has to be acted out in pictures. Then we have to subtract the ones and then the tens. However, most times we have to regroup. This is where the challenge for the students is. Today, however, they did really well. They love being challenged and I see them learn and grow daily! Math is awesome!


In science we have begun sharing our science animal projects. The students did a lot of research and they have learned so much. This is so apparent when they present. It's been challenging but they are doing it. They share their poster boards and their animal models. I grade them on the rubric as I watch. The rubric has indicators such as eye contact, and voice as well as research and creativity. They are learning how to research a specific animal, and how to gather that information, document it and present it! They are doing a fantastic job! Go second grade super stars!

Social Studies

In social studies we are learning about our right to vote! We have completed the primaries for class president and vice president. The candidates now have to write their speeches outlining why we should vote for them. It's going to be exciting in second grade. The candidates will have debates and we will have an open question forum. We as the public have to choose what candidate we will vote for depending on candidate speeches and debates. The class is super excited and so am I!