Tuscola Bands

Welcome to the Tuscola Bands website!

Please visit regularly for the most up-to-date information regarding our activities. The most useful component of the site will likely be having the performance schedules of all of the Tuscola bands right at your fingertips for easy reference.

On a personal note:

Why music? Last spring, a student's grandparents said that their own classmates had been asked to name the high school class that had been the most influential in their life/career. There were a number of different responses to the question, as you might expect. Several people named band and/or chorus, although these subjects had not played a role in their career choices. I pondered this for quite a while, and I hope, as another school year begins, my conclusion will connect with you:

It is not what WE do in MUSIC that proves its value.

Rather, it is what MUSIC does in US!

Thank you to all of the band students in grades 6-12 who attended our "Kick It Off" band practices--and to all of the parents who helped make their attendance possible!