Mrs. Boyer's

First Grade Class

Tuscola, Illinois

North Ward Elementary School

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Fun in August!

It's a Big Day! It is our first day of 1st Grade!

It's been a great start to an awesome year!

Writing Workshop

We are in a sharing circle. We share our writing with our friends during writing workshop.

Right now our class is "Launching" writing in our classroom. We are learning writing is a process, our classroom routines and how we have so many stories to write and share!!!

September in First Grade

We are setting up classroom expectations for "Daily 5 Reading" Groups. Each child will soon be assessed by the teacher to see what level they are reading at so we can form reading groups. This will enable the teacher to teach each child at where they are at in their reading. Here you can see we are working on our STAMINA in reading to ourselves.

To insure all children are being taught at their level of reading each child is assessed with a running record.

Tiger Time at NW

During tiger time, students are grouped to allow them to get intervention or enrichment based on their needs.

During "Daily 5" we can respond to See Saw challenges for the month.

This student completed challenge #2. This is a picture of her sweet family!

Grandparents Day 2018

Thank you for spending some of your day with us! We hope to see you again soon! Thank you for everything you do for our schools!

October In First Grade

Global Read Aloud 2018

Our class is participating in Global Read Aloud 2018. Classes all over the world are reading books from Monique Gray Smith. This week we read My Heart Fills With Happiness.

Fire Safety Week in First Grade

Thank you to the Tuscola Fire Department!

During "Daily 5" today we learned Turtles lay eggs at the beach!

During daily 5 our friend shared his writing!! How awesome is this!

Fireman Weaver Visits our First Grade!!

Reading With Buddies

We can find fun places to read all over the classroom!! These friends are enjoying reading together!

Student of the Month!!! Great job to an extra great kiddo!

November is Here!

During "Daily 5" our friend shared her journal.

She said "We are playing capture the flag."

Mrs. Fortney taught us one of her favorite things to do...playing dominoes! The children loved this!

The Ned Show

The Ned Show was our PBIS reward today! It was a great way to learn that different is ok and that showing kindess can just take a second of your day, but can make the difference in someone's day!

Thank you to Ms. Leitza and

Good Luck in becoming an AWESOME teacher!

It was Ms. Leitza's last day today. Ms. Leitza is a student at U of I and spend more than 40 hours in our classroom observing and teaching our class. She is going to be an awesome teacher one day!

Friday Fun Play-doh Day


It was "On With the Snow" as the First Grade classes rocked their music program! These sweet faces were dressed up for the occasion!

Two friends enjoying a book by the fire. Enjoying reading during "Daily 5"

These little elves are working on a present for their parents for Christmas. :)

This is a way we start our Monday.... The children look eye to eye with each other and tell their friend about their weekend. I love hearing about what they did. They get so excited to tell each other. I consider this part of our day extra important.

These kids are the sweetest! Seriously ...the sweetest!

Paper chains and making ornaments for Friday Fun!!

Gingerbread Around the World

We have been taking trips around the world in first grade. As we have learned about different places we also decided to decorate a Gingerbread Man and tell where they would like to go. This was a fun project the children got to share with their friends.

Wrapping Up December with A LOT of FUN!!

North Ward's very own Elf on the Shelf!

:) This was an exciting start to our day!

When a student bring sin their Elf on the Shelf for the day and it breaks out of the bag and finds a spot in the hallway for surveillance!

January in 1st Grade

Today we are learning consonant clusters while playing "Go Fish!"

During Daily 5 Reading students choose where they want to go to during center time. Each activity is is filled with practicing reading concepts so they are always making great choices and interested in what they are doing!

Having fun with Nonfiction!!!

Students were asked to either find a labeled drawing today in a nonfiction book or draw one. They were so creative! I love that one of our friends decided to do a picture of Mr. Athey. She totally nailed drawing his hair!


We enjoyed having Tuscola FFA in our classroom this morning and take over the class. We learned a lot about AGRICULTURE!

Thank you Tuscola FFA (and several students teaching my class were my firsties years ago...proud teacher moment!)

Starting to Research Rainforest Animals in our Classroom....Let the fun begin!

We start our Monday and Friday off with getting knee to knee and eye to eye with our friends and tell them what we did or what we are going to do over the weekend. This activity allows us to work on many communication skills!

Fun on Valentine's Day!!....Graphing and Measuring

Fun With Phonics

Therapy Dog Visits North Ward


We are having fun working as a group looking for common parts in words.

Friday fun Stem project with Jelly Beans

Thank you to First Federal Bank of Tuscola for showing us safe ways to save!!!

Spring time brings good weather and extra recess!!

Welcome to our Journey Around the Rainforest!!!