Join the Learning Fun: @RamsaysClass

Research has proven that one of the most powerful learning tools for middle level students is the ability to socialize and connect. We are fortunate to live in a time that provides us with the opportunity to learn from anyone, anytime, and in any place. In our digital world, social media is extremely prevalent. It is imperative that students learn how to make safe and wise choices when they interact online.

My goal is to prepare them for their lives outside of the classroom walls in today's digital world. We will spend the beginning of the school year embedding netiquette, online safety, and cyber bullying in our digital and face to face lessons. The students will develop lifelong habits while in the safety of the classroom and school whether face to face or virtually. Just like we wouldn't ban pencils from the school if one student writes on the restroom wall, we do not want to prevent students from expanding their horizons by supporting their learning using tools which can broaden their horizons and cause them to take ownership of their learning journey.

With that in mind, our class will be connecting with students, authors, and experts from all over the world through our class Twitter and Instagram accounts, @RamsaysClass.

Through our use of these tools, under my close supervision, you also will gain a peek into our daily activities. Please be aware that I am the only one with access to this account. I will approve and monitor everything that my students tweet out and post as well as anything that other students, authors, and experts tweet or post to us. These are powerful tools where students can reflect on their learning, compose stories, participate in book chats, write poetry for an authentic audience, set academic goals, connect with authors, share their insights, and interact with other students for deeper understanding of content.

👉 As I did in the spring, I will continue to post reminders and regular videos with important information about our learning adventures. In these unusual times, I have found that this is a powerful tool for continuing to keep school and home connected with all the learning fun.

This is my twelvth year to use Twitter with my classes and my seventh year to use Instagram. It is always astounding how much learning is generated in using these simple tools. We hope you will join us in our learning journey this year as we tweet and post away.