Google Sites


Welcome to the Google Sites Resources Site! Here you will find resources that will help you get started creating your new Google Site!

How Do I Create My Site?

To create your new Google Site, head on over to your Google Drive. Once you are in Drive:

Click New > More > Google Sites.

Changing Site Theme

To change the theme of your site, head on over to the Theme Menu and select the theme you like. You can adjust the colors and fonts.

how do I insert content into my site??

Text Box

To insert text on your site,

Insert menu > Text box.

Inserting Content from Drive

To insert content from your Drive: Insert Menu > From Drive.

*When adding content from your Drive, make sure that your share settings are set so others can see your content.

Inserting an Image

To add images to your site:

Insert menu > Images.

From there you can either upload an image from your computer or select an image either from your Drive or from a Google image search.

Embedding HTML Code

To embed HTML code into your site: (ex. widgets)

Insert menu > Embed.

How do I add pages to my site?

To add pages to your site:

Pages Menu > Plus Button > New Page