Upcoming Dates

Spring Cohort TBD

Fall Cohort TBD

Past Dates

October 15-18 4th-6th--5th grade Crowell Elementary

October 9-12 K-3--1st grade Crowell Elementary

May 1st--Follow up PD Medeiros Room E2

May 15 & 17--Initial 2 day training Location TBD

May 22 & 24--Initial 2 day training Location TBD

June 24-28--4 day classroom demonstrations Location Crowell


All resources are linked to Google drive, so if you would like to add resources, please add them there and the web page with automatically update. Please be aware when editing any existing documents, it will save changes. If you download resources to your computer, you can edit then upload under a different name. That way we can protect all the hard work all of you have put in. We have so many great units that have been created, so if you haven't already done so; please upload materials to Google drive. That way we can share the wealth and not start from scratch.

Below is the link to Be GLAD for further resources.

  • The new site just requires that you register to access resources. The previous log-in information no longer works, but it is quick and easy!

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Fall Cohort 3-6th 2018

Fall GLAD Cohort K-3 2018

Summer GLAD Cohort 2018