About me

Hello to everyone, who is looking at my page! Welcome to a new school year at Edison Preparatory High School!

My name is Emma Pruitt, and this year is my third year teaching! I am a proud Deaf woman and very actively involved in the Deaf community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was born and raised in Texas, and attended the Texas School for the Deaf. I graduated from Gallaudet University with the Bachelor Degree in social work. Also, I graduated from Oklahoma State University with my Master's Degree in Special Education. I am currently member of Oklahoma Association for the Deaf.

My hobbies are going kayaking in lakes or rivers, going camping for long weekends, riding my bicycle, and traveling the world. I also enjoy cooking.

How to reach me? You can call me through a Sorenson interpreter with this number 918-550-8057. I suggest you wait for the interpreter to answer your calls then call me. You may also email me at pruitem@tulsaschools.org.