About me

Hello to everyone, who is looking at my page! Welcome to a new school year at Edison Preparatory High School!

My name is Emma Pruitt, and this year is my first year teaching! I am a proud Deaf woman and very actively involved in the Deaf community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was born and raised in Texas, and attended the Texas School for the Deaf. I graduated from Gallaudet University with the Bachelor Degree in social work. Also, I graduated from Oklahoma State University with my Master's Degree in Special Education.

My hobbies are going kayaking in lakes or rivers, going camping for long weekends, riding my bicycle, and traveling the world. I also enjoy cooking.

How to reach me? You can call me through a Sorenson interpreter with this number 918-550-8057. I suggest you wait for the interpreter to answer your calls then call me. You may also email me at pruitem@tulsaschools.org.