Ms. Brooks

Middle School Math

Please sign up with Remind for important announcements and information:

  • 6th grade Math 1: @com6brooks
  • 6th grade Advanced Math 1: @mag6brooks

Copies of Notes will be posted in Google Classroom. Join the class with the code:

  • 6th grade Math 1: ai944f
  • 6th grade Advanced Math 1: ardavu

I created a Facebook group for collaboration and getting help from each other.: You can ask questions about an assignment and get help from other members. You can even share pics of notes or the problem in question to help with the communication. It's like working on your homework in a big group.

Please do not feel any pressure to do so, but if you ever want to donate something to the classroom I have an Amazon wishlist at : It is not necessary to purchase the items from Amazon. If you find the same item(s) cheaper somewhere else I can manually remove the items from the Amazon list once they've been received. (I may also add items as the year goes on and new needs come up.)

I also have an account on, where I find some great resources for class (activities, creative worksheets, etc.) that you can donate to if you would like to do so: