5th Grade Site

Special Announcements!

1.) Quarter 4 Interims concluded on May 28th and May 29th, bringing the 2019-2020 school year to a close. Congratulations scholars on completing your first year at Tulsa Honor Academy. We look forward to seeing you in August as 6th graders. It was an honor working with you and your families!

2.) Be sure your parents are checking Parent Square periodically throughout the summer and Facebook as well for important updates about the upcoming school year.

3.) If you have any questions or concerns over the summer, you may reach out to the office via Parent Square or by calling the number (918) 833-9420. You may try reaching out to your teachers as well!


Welcome families and scholars to the 5th grade google site. This is where teachers will post daily assignments and resources for each content area. Listed below is a daily schedule. Teachers will be available during their class time to answer any questions you may have. Visit their page next to the drop down button near 'Home' to get more information on how to contact them.


Bienvenidos familias y académicos al sitio de google de quinto grado. Aquí es donde los maestros publicarán tareas y recursos diarios para cada área de contenido. A continuación se enumera un horario diario. Los maestros estarán disponibles durante el tiempo de clase para responder cualquier pregunta que pueda tener. Visite sus páginas junto al botón desplegable cerca de "Inicio" para obtener más información sobre cómo contactarlos.

Important: Office Hours Schedule

Scholars, below you will find your teachers' office hours schedule. Here is what you need to know.

  • Each weekday, every teacher will post their lesson for that day by 8:00 a.m.
  • You may complete daily work at your own pace. Work is due at midnight each day.
  • The office hours schedule is when the teachers will be available for immediate support through google hangout chats, phone calls, texts, ParentSquare, and email.


8:30 - 9:30: ELA - Ms. Medina, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Seals

9:40 - 10:40: Science - Mr. Steger

10:50 - 11:50 : Social Studies - Ms. Curley (Tuesday, Thursday)

12:00 - 12:30: Lunch

12:30 - 1:30: Math - Mr. Curiel, Mr. VanHuss

1:40 - 2:40: P.E. - Mr. Bush

2:40 - 3:20: FOCUS - Visit Ms. Medina's, Mr. Seals', Mr. Curiel's, or Mr. VanHuss' pages for information on FOCUS!

3:30 - 4:00: DEAR TIME


8:30 - 9:10: ELA - Ms. Medina, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Seals

9:20 - 10:00: Science - Mr. Steger

10:10 - 10:50: Social Studies - Ms. Curley (Tuesday, Thursday)

11:00 - 11:30: Lunch

11:40 - 12:20: Math - Mr. Curiel, Mr. VanHuss

12:30 - 1:10: P.E. - Mr. Bush

*Virtual field trip EVERY FRIDAY from 1:10-1:30 pm!

Your Virtual Field Trip Poem:

Can you guess where we are going?

Virtual Field Trip Poem Hint:

I am located

In the heart

Of this country’s capital.

I am home to many creatures

With breathtaking features.

I am here to educate and entertain,

And I can go by several names.

But most importantly,

My biggest attraction

Is for sure a reason

to clear your agenda

For once you see this beloved


You’ll be shouting “ooooh, panda, panda!”

I’m visiting Cali

And I’ll enjoy every minute

Because here in this park

I will feel infinite.


Office Hours

Your teacher for each subject will be hosting office hours daily from Monday through Friday.

These office hours are times during which we will be at our computers and phones, which means we will be available by phone or video chat for more intensive help. You can also text or email at any time between 8:30 AM and 9 PM every day, but contacting us during our office hours will ensure a faster reply.

Horas de Oficina

Su maestro de cada materia tendrá horas de oficina diarias de lunes a viernes.

Durante estas horas de oficina estaremos disponibles por computador y teléfono. Tambien podremos hablar por teléfono o hacer una video llamada si necesitan más ayuda. Pueden mandar un texto o un email entre las 8:30 AM y 9:00 PM, pero recibirá una respuesta mas pronta si nos contacta durante las horas de oficina.

Logging in to Google Classroom

If you are using a personal computer or laptop, you must sign in using your THA email and password in order to access Google Classroom and many other resources your teachers will be using. See the email and password formats below.

Student Email:


ex: hannah.bland@stu.tulsahonor.org

Student Password:

date of birth in mmddyyyy format

ex: 03252002 (March 25, 2002)




  • Marely Espinoza (OSU) - April 2nd
  • Bryan Otero (OSU) - April 6th
  • Melanie Almader (OSU) - April 7th
  • Kelvin Osegura (OSU) - April 15th
  • Itzel Rosales (TCNJ) - April 16th
  • Mr. VanHuss (TCNJ) - April 17th
  • Neidely Sigala (ORU) - April 18th
  • Nathally Paz (TCNJ) - April 25th

Extra Resources



I will ask questions of my peers and teacher.


I will support my team when they make mistakes.


I will celebrate growth, both big and small.


I will attempt every question and apply all of my strategies to read tough texts.


I will use every minute of practice time grow and support and goals.


I will support my peers.