Thank you for being part of SouthFest 2024

This site contains resources for SouthFest 2024. The requirements for your event will depend on the scale, location, risk factors, insurance and your core business. 

In 2022, Southfest ran across three days while promoting various external and local community events. This year we have organised a one-day event, to be held on Saturday 16th November. This site will be used to update stallholders, food & drink vendors, performers, artists and additional stakeholders. 

Some resources will not be relevant to your event or activity. We are available to work with you to ensure you have everything in place for a safe and successful activation. 

Contact us if you require any assistance at any stage.

What SouthFest will do

SouthFest are here to help. They will provide:

What the event coordinator will do

Event organisers are responsible for the vision and drive behind the event, including:


Event Plan

Every SouthFest in the Suburbs event requires an event plan. 

This plan will be approved by the SouthFest Committee. 

The template below is to be used for each event where an existing event plan is not already developed. We have aimed to keep it simple for straightforward events, larger more complex events will require more detail.

Interact Collaborations are available to provide some guidance with your event plan.

Download the event proposal template here.

Note you will need to make a copy or download the document to make your changes.

Event Risk and Safety

Managing the risks is key to putting on an event that is both safe and enjoyable. As part of any good planning process hazards should be identified and risks assessed and controlled to minimise the potential for injury or harm. 

Events vary in size, nature and type but all events require assessment, control and monitoring of risks

All SouthFest events are required to provide evidence that risks have been assessed, controlled and will be monitored. 

The Event Safety and Risk Assessment guide and template has been produced for SouthFest events to assess, control and monitor risks. You may already have a plan in place that can be utilised for this purpose. 

If you need any assistance in developing your risk and safety plan, please contact Taryn

Download the Event Safety and Risk Assessment Guide and Template here.

Note you will need to make a copy or download the document to make your changes.

COVID Safety Plan

As of 30 September 2022, COVID Safe Plans are not longer required. We recommend that you include in your risk management plan strategies to promote general hygiene and wellbeing. 

Land Use and Other Approvals

Depending on the nature of the activity, location and access to your event you may need a number of ACT Government approvals.

The Access Canberra Event Coordination Guide provides an overview of the approvals and considerations that may apply, including:


Access Canberra is able to assist with the event approvals required for your event. Enquiries can be made online or by phoning the Access Canberra, Event & Business Coordination Team on 02 6205 4400 or alternatively by emailing

Interact Collaborations are also available to support you with your ACT Government approvals.

Marketing and Communication

All events will be promoted through SouthFest website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Please follow, like and share our events and post to improve the reach. 

Please join our Facebook event hosts group to keep up to date on the available resources and discuss with other SouthFest Destinations about their plans to promote their event.

We will provide you with SouthFest marketing resources to support your promotion and can assist with the development of additional resources if required. 

You are welcome to supplement the SouthFest promotion with your own.  SouthFest material must be approved. Please contact Erin for approval of your material and access to the SouthFest assets.

SouthFest in the Suburbs is brought to the community with thanks to the following organisations, and many more.