Sphero Robots - set of 24

Sphero Kit 1 Calendar


Requires Sphero EDU

Dash Robots - Set of 12

Dash Kit 1 Calendar

Challenge cards included.

Requires Blockly app

Little Bits NASA - set of 12

Little Bits NASA Kit Calendar


MakeyMakey - set of 22

Makey Makey Kit Calendar


R2D2 Droid Kit

Provided by request.


Tualatin Library Kits

These kits were generously provided to us through collaboration with the Tualatin Public Library.

Due to bulk, they must be picked up at the district office.

Squishy Circuits

Comes with Conductive Dough, Alligator Clips & LEDs

Squishy Circuit Calendar


Dash & Dot Robots

(includes tablets)

Dash Kit 2 Calendar

Challenge cards included.

Uses Blockly or Wonder app

Little Bits Student - set of 16

Comes with lesson binder

Little Bits Student Calendar


Magnet Exploration Kit

Comes with Lesson Binder

Magnet Exploration Calendar

I Need A Magnet Lesson

To reserve a TTSD Steam kit:

  1. Follow the link to the calendar for the Resource that you would like to reserve below.
  2. Open the calendar by selecting the "+ Google Calendar" button in the lower right corner.
  3. Select the dates of the lesson that you are planning and adjust the timeframe to meet your needs, choosing a span of one or two weeks.
  4. Add the Kit's calendar as a room and save the event. If it is already booked it will be unavailable.
  5. Finished! This kit will be delivered to you through inter district mail.

To return a kit:

When you are finished using the STEAM kit(s) you may either:

  • Return to the district office at 6960 SW Sandburg St. Tigard, OR 97223 OR
  • Return through the district office mail by addressing from yourself to Kasey Fernandez - Hibbard TOSA
  • Please ensure that the kit is locked before you return it.


  • These notes are designed primarily for our STEAM teachers to use in their classes, but they may be requested for other STEAM events.
  • Please include your building somewhere within the event.
  • Once you are finished with the kit please return it to the district office through the district mail. Our team will check them in between reservations.
  • If you are borrowing Sphero or Dash kits your students may need to download an app from self service in order to control the bots.

Please contact Kasey at x4160 if you have any questions, comments or requests.

Resources and Tutorials


How to View and Book a TTSD STEAM Kit

(All Features)

How to Book A TTSD Room.mp4

Shortcut - Room Booking Method

(Select TTSD STEAM Kit under Rooms)

Knowledgebase article: Accessing Resource Calendars