Welcome to Counseling!

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Hello Hazelbrook Students and Families,

We know that Middle School can have its share of ups and downs and your counselors are here to support ALL of you!

Meet our Counselors!

We have added a 3rd Counselor this year, so we have changed the way we are serving our students and families. We will now have one Counselor working with each grade level in order to better partner with teachers to support students in and out of the classrooms. Your student's counselor will follow them for each of their 3 years at Hazelbrook. We know this may be a bit confusing, especially to families with more than one student at Hazelbrook, but we will work together as a team to make sure we meet the needs of our students to the best of our abilities. We look forward to meeting you!!

Amy Haaland

Counselor for 6th Graders/Class of 2029





Counselor for

7th Graders/Class of 2028



Carrie Leander

Counselor for 8th Graders/Class of 2027



Why might I want to contact my student’s school counselor?

You can contact us for a variety of reasons: Academic progress concerns, schedule questions, clothing/food resource referrals, community counseling resources, developmental concerns, peer relationships, family dynamic changes, health concerns, and for many other resources. If you don’t know whom to contact at Hazelbrook, your school counselor is a good start.

A little about what we do….

Today’s school counselors are immersed in a variety of ways to help all students succeed. At Hazelbrook we strive to become partners with students, teachers, parents/guardians, administrators, and the community to provide a comprehensive counseling program. We work to address three specific areas:

Personal and Social Development

We help students learn to understand themselves as members of a community, interact with others in a respectful way, and apply personal safety skills.

Academic Development

We help students develop the attitude, knowledge, and skills that will contribute to effective learning; help students prepare academically for a variety of post-secondary options; and highlight the relationship of academics to the world of work and to life at home and in the community.

Career Development

We help students learn about the work world so they can obtain information about careers, make goals related to achieving career goals, and develop skills for job success, such as organization, collaboration, conflict resolution and perseverance.

Important Counseling Office Staff

Anne Leonardo


Nelly Mandujano

Family Partnership Advocate

Anna Fowler

Counseling Secretary