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Who we are? Who we are

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Winter Village December 17th, 18th and 19th after school from 2-4pm, please sign below!

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Meet our AWESOME PTO Team

Melissa Aleman


Mom of a beautiful daughter in 5th grade, who is willing to share her ideas for her daughter's school. Melissa is bringing her ideas to make sure our PTO is the best!

Marlen Hernandez

Marlen is a mom of two boys 4th grade and 6th grade. Marlen is excited to share her ideas to the community.

Amy Oler

Treasurer and she is a teacher and mom of three beautiful children and she is willing to help to make our school the best.

Karol Morales is our secretary and a mom of three boys and she is very excited about all the new ideas and activities for the PTO.

Leticia Garcia

Treasurer and she brings her talent from California, who is a great 5th grade teacher at TTCS.

Marina Guillen

Assistant and she is a proud mom of a 2nd grade student and she is happy to be part of the PTO.

Parent-teacher association. A parent–teacher association/organization (PTA/PTO) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school.