GCN Training

Global Compliance Network (GCN) Training:

This information will help you complete the state mandated GCN training. NO CP passes are awarded for completion of the trainings this year. Any passes that you may still have are also invalid.

Proof of completion for these sessions should be turned into Marice Wall in room 1252. They can be emailed to her throughout the training period, brought to her directly, turned in at the main office or all at once at the end of the training time. She has requested that participants be mindful of that the final due date is June 17, 2020.

Throughout the year, All Staff will need to complete the state mandated training online through Global Compliance Network (GCN) as explained in the attachment. All certified staff, clerical staff, paraprofessionals and engineers MUST complete this training. The required trainings are listed below. Attached is the information needed to login to the system.

Brett Fickes

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

2019 GCN Dates

Login Information:

Select New User or Existing User

Organization ID: 54432t

Example Personal ID: jdoe (please use your own first initial and last name) if you have created a new user ID upon your initial access; please use that to Personal ID again.

*Additional New User Note:

  • Follow the prompts to locate your account and create a unique Personal ID

The Personal ID is not a password. If no account is found, check with your HR Department or Supervisor to see if there is an issue with your account/name. -- it may be a difference of "Smith-Jones" vs "Smith Jones" or "VanHoff" vs "Van Hoff".


GCN Training Link:

GCN Support:

Temporarily contact Michele Powers for GCN technical support if you encounter any problems with your account. powers.michele@district205.net

She may also be reached at extension 4043.