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Check out the 2020 CBT update video!

2020 CBT Updates.mp4


Slides for the upcoming Winter Training hosted by NYS have been posted on CBT support.


The CBT winter training statewide webinar in Feb. 10. Find more information and register today!


There are 3 practice test available for each grade level. You can access Practice tests on Nextera in both ELA and Math. You can also use the online Question Sampler.


Check out these videos on how to use the equation editor and drawing tool!


2020 Test Guides for English Language Arts and Mathematics are available at EngageNY.


Known Issue: Grade 3 Math, Session 2, #36, Students Cannot Enter Some Punctuation Marks in the Answer Box []


The new School Administrator’s Manual for 2019 is posted:


March 15 is the Proctor Training and Best Practices webinar! Sign up and find more information on CBT Support.


Clarification point around student absences - CBT makeups can occur any time after the initial administration. Students should test with their peers.

Example 1: Student is absent on April 1 and 2, when CBT is being administered. Student can start CBT makeup (session 1) on April 3.

Example 2: Student is absent on April 2 for the second session of CBT. Student can make up session 2 on April 3.

Example 3: Student is absent for session 1 on April 1. Student should test with peers (during session 2) on April 2. Student can makeup session 1 on April 3.


The new Scoring Leader’s Handbook for 2019 is posted!


The School Administrator’s Manual for 2019 is now posted!



See these FAQs about items students can use during the CBT test!


The links to the CBT Teacher's Directions for ELA have been updated for 2019!


Access practice tests in the Nextera Secure browser (with and without accommodations). ELA and Math login info has been posted!


Question sampler now has 5 empty response boxes.Questar has released an update to the Response Box Samplers to include five “empty” CRs per Response Box Sampler! It is important that students have experience with the navigation and online testing tools prior to sitting for the CBT exams in the spring. Now, when teachers are using this resource in the classroom, students do not need to log out of the sampler after answering one question—they can use the same Sampler for up to five questions without logging out and then accessing the Sampler again. We hope this helps our teachers and students!


Q: Do we update a student's IEP or 504 Plan for CBT?

A [NYSED]: We advise schools that they do not need to update student IEPs or 504 Plans specifically for computer-based testing accommodations wording. Student testing accommodations for CBT do not need to align word-for-word to testing accommodations noted in a student’s IEP or 504 Plan:

    • The CSE must determine the best way to deliver a student testing accommodation in CBT
    • The student must have practice with the CBT test accommodation prior to testing
    • In some instances, a combination of computer-format and paper-format is the best fit
      • We recommend that the school, with the CSE, try to match a student’s daily instruction for delivering a test accommodation


WHY CBT? According to students:

    • No paper rattling during test.
    • No rulers dropping on the floor.
    • No hurting wrists.
    • Students like the computer test.
    • Students like the testing accommodations (many of which can now be done in the same classroom as others).


MATH: Equation Editor Drawing Tool, Quick Reference Guide 2018-19



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