幼儿园中文课程是以幼儿为中心,根据幼儿富有创造力和想像力的特性,喜欢与生活环境互动的特点,和促进全人发展的目标来设计的。幼儿不仅学习中文听说读写的全语言技巧,更将中文学习沉浸在健康、科学、社会、艺术等不同领域的生活体验当中。中文老师细心的协助之下,他们亲身参与,和周遭的人事物互动 ,在其中观察、感受、欣赏,从而主动思考、寻问、得到答案。在这样体验的学习过程中,将中文自然习得,并且还能够灵活应用。我们深信幼儿园的中文课程能够培养幼儿学习中文的兴趣, 奠定良好的语言基础,促进幼儿身心发展并达到全人教育的目标。

The Chinese curriculum in kindergartens is centered on young children and is designed according to the characteristics of children's creativity and imagination and the characteristics of interaction with living environment and the goal of promoting the development of the whole people. Children not only learn the language skills of reading and writing in Chinese, but also immerse themselves in the life experience in different fields such as health, science, society and art. With the careful assistance of Chinese teachers, they participate in and interact with the people around them, observing, feeling and appreciating them, so that they can think, ask and get answers. In such a learning process, Chinese will be acquired naturally and can be applied flexibly. We believe that the Chinese curriculum in kindergarten can cultivate the interest of children in learning Chinese, and lay a good foundation for the language, in order to promote their development and achieve the goal of education.