Grading Policy

Tracy Businger

Battle Ground Elementary

Evaluation of Pupil Progress

Recorded grades are averaged at the end of each nine week grading period. End of unit tests/ math quizzes are weighted equally. The grading scale, as adopted by the TSC is as follows:

A = 90 -100% Mastery

B = 80-89% Approaching Mastery

C = 70-79% Developing Mastery

D = 60-69% Needs Time To Master

F = 59% or lower Needs Time to Master

Reading, Spelling, and Math-

Percentage grades will be recorded in all three areas. Students will be graded on end of story selection tests, as well as end of unit tests. End of lesson quizzes, unit assessments and mid-unit assessments will be given and recorded in Math. A weekly Spelling test will be administered on Fridays. Typically there are 12 words, 10 from our reading series and 2 bonus words. Averages of these grades will be used to determine letter grades for each nine-week report card.


An unedited writing sample will be placed in each child’s cumulative folder. This will occur in May, following our trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. At other times during the year, writing will be evaluated using 6 + 1 Writing Traits (Ruth Cullam) and Smeckens Writing (based on six traits).

Subjective Grades-

Oral reading, group discussion, homework, writing (composition) and handwriting will be graded on a subjective basis. Effort, attitude, improvement, and responsibility will influence this grade.

Science/Health and Social Studies-

As they are mainly based on awareness skills at the first grade level, I will keep a checklist and record participation and effort. Grades will be determined on a subjective basis.

Students are expected to complete all work. When absent, the student will be expected to complete work within a reasonable amount of time. However, there is more to learning than pencil and paper work. It is not always possible to recreate the teaching situation. Therefore, a student’s report card may be different from grades received on make-up work.