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Greetings, Parents and Guardians,

There have been a lot of things happening since our last update! I've told the students numerous times that this grading period is both the easiest and hardest of the school year. Students know my rules and expectations thoroughly at this point in the year (the easy part), but "5th grade senior-itis" is starting to creep in, and motivation begins to wane (the hard part). Please talk with your students on a daily basis and ask them how each day is going!

As far as our current classroom curriculum is concerned:

    • For writing, we've shifted gears and are in the early stages of creating memoirs. We've defined what a memoir is (and what it is not), and the goal is for students to create their own memoir piece as the grading period progresses.
    • In math, students have been working diligently when it comes to finding the volume of rectangular prisms. As a group, they've done an outstanding job solving for basic rectangular prism problems. We are currently working on solving for the volume of composite prism shapes.
    • This social studies unit is often a student-favorite. We've been reading from our textbooks about the different regions within the contiguous United States, but we are now turning our attention to our regions project. Students received a packet of information on this project on Wednesday, March 21st. The students will have plenty of time to complete this in-class group project. We will get it starting in the few days we have before Spring Break kicks off, and then will resume upon our return.
    • In reading, we've been working with multiple language functions (parts of speech, complete/incomplete sentences, and other types of language mechanics). We've also been reading Where the Red Fern Grows, which has tied in nicely with our regions researching. The backdrop of the Ozark Mountains feature prominently in the story.


Mr. Laufman

Items of Note:

    • 3/26 - Spring Break
    • 4/5 - Spring Pictures
    • 4/11 - Kindergarten Round Up
    • 4/27 - Bobcat Bolt
    • Week of 4/16 - Second Round of ISTEP
    • May 10th - Middle School Tour
    • May 16th - Chicago Trip!
    • Last Week of May (Official Date TBD) - 5th Grade Graduation