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Greetings, Parents and Guardians,

Time has certainly been flying by! It's hard to believe that we've been in school for a month now. I've been pleased with the progress the students have made and the potential they show on a day-to-day basis. They're adjusting well to the rigors of 5th grade, and I'm excited to see what they're able to accomplish as we continue through our curriculum. Here's what we're currently working on in class:

  • In writing, the students are continuing to tweak their personal narratives. It's been a pleasure reading about experiences your students have deemed memorable, and the students are presently working on infusing their own personal voices/methods of story-telling into their pieces.
  • In science, students are learning about the Earth as well as environmental preservation. We will slowly start to shift towards learning about other celestial bodies in our solar system, with the culminating experience being our Challenger Study Trip. Students received an information sheet regarding this trip on Friday. Please make note of the due dates for both the form and fee! If you have any questions regarding the trip, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  • The focus of our current classroom novel, The Westing Game, is the mystery genre. Students will be covering different mystery terms, learning about the elements of a mystery, and problem-solving/making predictions to try to identify the criminal in the story itself.
  • Finally, in math, students have been building off of skills in previous grades and have been working on multiplication and division with double digit numbers. Whether it's the current material or future curriculum later in the year, it is difficult for students to find success in math without having command of their multiplication facts. I encourage parents/guardians to work with your student for 10-15 minutes each night to ensure that they know their multiplication/division facts! There is a BIG jump in difficulty from 4th to 5th grade, especially when it comes to math!

Some items of note:

  • Sept. 20 : Picture Day
  • PTO Meeting
  • Oct. 2 McDonald’s Night
  • Oct. 5: Movie Night
  • Oct. 10: Challenger Study Trip
  • Oct. 15-19: Parent/Teacher
  • Conferences
  • Oct. 12-19: Book Fair
  • Oct. 12 & 15: Muffins With Mom 8:15
  • Oct. 26-29: Fall Break


Mr. Laufman