Laufman Landing

Landing News

Greetings, Parents and Guardians,

The students have been hard at work. I've been very impressed with the students' quality of work over the past week; they are truly "earning" the upcoming Fall Break! Here's where we presently stand in our curriculum:

    • We've completed our addition/subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers unit. We are now moving on to our unit on coordinate planes. This unit is vital to our upcoming Challenger trip, and the students have responded well to our early lessons. Parents, I urge you to review multiplication facts with your students on a nightly basis. These concepts rely heavily on knowing your facts, and students will struggle mightily if they haven't achieved mastery yet!
    • As mentioned above, we are preparing for our Challenger study trip, scheduled for Thursday, November 9th. Since we've completed our Native American unit (the students' presentations were very impressive!), we are turning our attention to the stars in a very literal sense. We shift from social studies to science, where we will focus on space, celestial bodies, and the relationships between the planets, moons, and sun. Additionally, students will be taught important life skills, including applying for specific jobs for our Challenger trip and filling out the subsequent application.
    • We are still working our way through Island of the Blue Dolphins with a focus on finding the setting of a story. Students have a culminating project due Wednesday, November 1st where they will create a map of the island using clues that are found throughout the story.

I've been incredibly proud of the students' efforts this past week, especially with the excitement of the Fall Party looming. While we still have a long way to go, they truly earned their party. I wish everyone a fun and safe Fall Break!


Mr. Laufman

Items of Note:

    • October 27th and October 30th - Fall Break
    • Thursday, November 9th - Challenger Trip (extended day - students are to be picked up at 5:45 pm)